Zumo-lock: the anti-theft solution for your Garmin Zumo

Protect your valuable Garmin Zumo! Enjoy the peace of mind that the anti-theft system brings you whenever you park up your bike for a short shop, and prevent accidentally pressing the relase button of your Garmin Zumo while riding.

The Zumo mounts are designed to easily disengage the unit with a simple button press. Perhaps it's a bit too easy because now you have to remove the unit and stow it or carry it with you while making a short stop.

Garmin did not take into account any way to secure the newer Zumo models when designing the mount. Such a sat-nav unit is quite a desirable piece of kit worth a couple of hunderd pounds. The Zumolock is a simple but effective solution.

The complete solution consists of three parts: an extra bracket incorporating a lock, a cover to protect the locking mechanism and a replacement knob for the supplied RAM-mount. The bracket is powdercoated stainless steel and is weather proof.

Lock los met haakje

The new lockable knob means the standard RAM-mount can't simply be released, preventing the removal of the complete mount; and with the lockable bracket you secure the Zumo so that it can't be removed from the mount.

Ram knop los

NEW! The ZumoLock got an upgrade. If you now order a ZumoLock you will get an extra cover to protect the locking mechanism of your ZumoLock. This makes the ZumoLock even safer!

Lock cover

This anti-theft solution (lockable RAM knob, plus lockable bracket) is available in two versions:

Zumo 59x Zumo 3xx Zumo 660 Zumo XT
 Zumolock 590  Zumolock 3x0
ZumoLock 590 ZumoLock 3x0 Zumolock XT