Congratulations! You've just treated yourself to a new Garmin Zumo; it was a couple of hundred pounds but you're worth it :-) Or perhaps you've already owned one for some time and you want to keep it that way.

In the box you found, amongst other things, a mount so that you can use the Zumo on your bike. The mount uses a spring mechanism to hold on to the Zumo. With just a single push of the button you can remove the unit from the mount. Quite simple, but perhaps just a little too simple. If you happen to press on that button while riding for whatever reason, the Zumo will be ejected. Rescuing the Zumo from the road can lead to dangerous situations, apart from any damage the Zumo may sustain.

Apart from that, when you're not riding but have stopped to fill or empty whatever vessels need to filled or drained, you need to decide what to do with your Zumo. Do you take the chance that no one will go near your bike and remove your Zumo, or do you remove it from the mount and stow it somewhere safe or perhaps take it with you?

The Zumolock is a solution for these problems. The Zumolock is an anti-theft solution that is placed between the Garmin Zumo mount and the RAM ball plate. The Zumolock can also be used for most other ways of attaching the mount.

It's great peace of mind knowing that even om bumpy roads your Zumo is fixed securely in its mount and that you can leave it safely on the bike when making a short stop. And at the end of the day, when you take the Zumo inside with you, the mount's cover plate is also securely held in place by the Zumolock, preventing anyone from "borrowing" it.

A thief's biggest problem is time. The longer a job is going to take, the sooner he will move along to some other target. This is where the Zumolock is a big help. However, if someone really wants your Zumo, than nothing will deter him, even if this means damaging your bike. The Zumolock is especially meant to prevent casual theft during a short stop. If you're going to be away from your bike for a longer time, e.g. overnight or during a day's work, then be sensible and always remove the Zumo from the mount and take it with you.

The Zumolock is made of stainless steel and finished with a hard powder coating. Installation is straightforward and you can use the original bolts supplied with the Zumo. The Zumolock is just 2mm thick. To keep the design as small as possible there are three versions of the Zumolock available (ZumoLock 660, ZumoLock 3xx and ZumoLock 59x). We investigated a universal version with multiple hole patterns but that was ultimately suboptimal.