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ZumoTwist: the upgrade for your Garmin Zumo XT GPS mount!
The Garmin Zumo XT Motorbike navigation device can be attached either horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait). Borth formats have ther advantages on the orad or in a city. The Zumo XT (and other models like the Garmin Montana) sat navs switch over automatically. Wouldn't it be great if you could simply turn the GPS the way you want it?!

Our developers have found a brilliantly simple solution: the ZumoTwist. This simply screwed between the motorbike mount and the sat nav bracket and allows rotation of your Zumo by 90 degrees. Thangs to its height of 28 mm, the ZumoTwist ensures suficient distance to rotate the GPS without interferenece, even when the ZumoLock is installed.

The ZumoTwist has been developed fot the Garmin Zumo XT mount, but can also be used for the Garmin Montana. To fix to your motorbike, use the standard RAM mount mounting plate or one of the other motor specific mounting plates.